Creator: Alex Snow and Volunteers

Publisher: Alex Snow School

Publication Date:


Difficulty: Intermediate 

Audience: Computer Science Students, ML and AI Enthusiasts, and IT Professionals 

License: Public Domain

Course State: page.state  

Pre-perquisite: ဒီ course ကို Computer Science, Machine Learning theory, NLP theory တွေ အခြေခံရှိပြီးမှ တက်သင့်ပါတယ်။

Week 1

Sequence Models - Registration

Recurrent Neural Network Model

Back Propagation Through Time

Language model and sequence generation

Vanishing gradients with RNNs and its solution

Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) and other types of RNNs

Week 2

Introduction to Word Embeddings

Learning Word Embeddings: Word2Vec

Applications using Word Embeddings

Week 3

Various sequence to sequence architectures - Part 1

Various sequence to sequence architectures - Part 2

Reading List

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