Creator: AVARDS

Publisher: Alex Snow School

Publication Date:


Difficulty: Beginner 

Audience: Computer Science Students, ML and AI Enthusiasts, and IT Professionals 

License: Public Domain

Course State: page.state  

Pre-perquisite: ဒီ course ကို Computer Science နဲ့ Python Basics အခြေခံရှိပြီးမှ တက်သင့်ပါတယ်။

Week 1

Package Installation and OpenCV Introduction

Image Basics and Image Loading

Week 2

Image Operation

Image Operation Continue

Week 3

Image Processing

Image Processing Continue

Video Capturing and Writing

File Handling

Setting Camera Parameters Output Frame

Object Detection based on HSV color space

Histogram Lesson

Week 4

Edge Detection and Image Pyramid

Finding and Drawing Contours

Object and Motion Detection

Invisible Cloak

Car Window Detection

Face and Eye Detection and Recognition

Face Recognition System Continue

Assignments and Reading List

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