Creator: Thet Naing Tun and Zaw Min Khaing

Publisher: Alex Snow School

Publication Date:


Difficulty: Beginner 

Audience: Computer Science Students, ML and AI Enthusiasts, and IT Professionals 

License: Public Domain

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Pre-perquisite: ဒီ course ကို Computer Science အခြေခံရှိပြီးမှ တက်သင့်ပါတယ်။

ML and AI Basic Concepts - Webinar

Week 1

Machine Learning Terminology

Descending to Machine Learning

Week 2

Familiarization with Tensorflow Frameworks, Generalization, Overfitting, Training and Test Sets, Validation Sets

Representation, Feature Cross, Regularization: Simplicity

Week 3

Logistic regression, Classification, Regularization : Sparsity

Decision Tree

Week 4

K Nearest Neighbor (KNN)

K Means

Week 5

ANN Algorithm Part 1

ANN Algorithm Part 2

Week 6

Confusion Matrix Training Neural Nets — Best Practice Multi-Class Neural Nets

Recommender System Embedding

Reading List

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