Creator: Alex Snow and Volunteers

Publisher: Alex Snow School

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Difficulty: Intermediate 

Audience: Computer Science Students, ML and AI Enthusiasts, and IT Professionals 

License: Public Domain

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Pre-perquisite: ဒီ course ကို Computer Science, Machine Learning theory, Python Programming တွေ အခြေခံရှိပြီးမှ တက်သင့်ပါတယ်။

Week 1


Edge Detection and More About It

Padding, Strided Convolutions and Convolutions Over

One Layer of a Convolutional Network

Simple Convolutional Network Example

CNN Example and Why Convolutions?

Week 1 Programming Assignments Explanation

Week 2

Classic Networks - LeNet5, AlexNet, VGG-16

ResNets and Why ResNets Work

Inception Network

Week 3

Using Open-Source Implementation, Transfer Learning and Data Augmentation

State of Computer Vision

Detection algorithms Part 1

YOLO - You Only Look Once Algo

Object detection Part 2

Week 4

Face Recognition

Neural Style Transfer

Reading List

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